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A summary of all our PROGRAMMES below:


Our study abroad programs are for all individuals who wish to broaden their horizon by furthering their education out side the country. We send our students to US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. All you need is to register with us, provide the needed document and then we will help in getting admission, Visa, Accommodation and gathering of documents.


Do you want a skilled job after school? An internship placement Manual work for a year after school WcTc takes care of all the hassle that comes with it. Just contact us and we will gladly help you out.


Migrating to a foreign land poses a lot of challenges to many people who wish to travel to those lands. With experience gathered over the years, we assist you through the process making it easier than it should be. Live in Canada, UK,U.S.A Australia, etc. legally with the help of WcTc


Are you an undergraduate or a SSCE holder? Do you wish to visit relatives and friends in America or Europe for summer. Look no further , we've got it all here for you


We are your travel consultant. We take care of all your travel needs and plans of traveling